Writing & Editorial Services


For nearly a decade after receiving my degree in what was then called print journalism at American University, I remained in the D.C. Metro area and held professional roles in media and nonprofit communications. From 2006-2015 I worked and received in-depth training as a reporter, copy editor, and digital strategist, and while in the MSW program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, I worked at the Writing Center as a graduate peer writing consultant, collaborating with my social work peers and students of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, on their academic and professional papers. My skills can help throughout the stages of composition to shape journal articles, dissertations, memos, cover letters, book proposals, personal essays, and reported features.

I also write nonfiction that incorporates my personal experiences and studies and explores neurobiology, human behavior in the social environment, interpersonal dynamics, communications technology, public policy and politics, and systems of interwoven private, nonprofit, and governmental institutions.

In 2011 I wrote “Chat History” about the experience of remembering my relationship with my romantic partner Clark Sabine, who died of melanoma in 2009, by reading records of our Gchat conversations. The essay was published in GOOD Magazine and has received positive and meaningful attention.

Since “Chat History” was published I’ve been writing a memoir examining grief, memory, healthcare, and the Internet. Today my memoir incorporates the theoretical and practical knowledge I’ve encountered through my professional and personal experiences since Clark died. I expect to complete a manuscript by May 2022.

Email me to start working together on your project or to commission my writing. I can provide my C.V. and references upon request.